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*Name has been changed to protect confidentiality

As a child, Nancy* was ritually abused for years, leading to decades of alcohol dependency, as well as dysfunctional and abusive relationships. She struggled with chronic bouts of depression, anxiety, guilt, and shame. Nancy attempted counseling many times, but was disappointed by the lack of practical advice she received. She was also disheartened by counselors who downplayed or ignored her spiritual and religious beliefs.

After a major life event in her sixties, Nancy reached a point of desperation.   A friend told her about the affordable, compassionate and skilled counseling services offered by Catholic Charities of Idaho.  It was the spiritual setting of Catholic Charities that encouraged Nancy to make what she called her ‘last chance’ appointment.

After four months with Catholic Charities, Nancy mastered empirically-supported, effective, practical therapeutic tools and techniques that addressed her social, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  Nancy has discovered strengths and competencies that allow her to address decades of dysfunction and struggle.  Today she continues on a path of healthy and functional living, moving from the despair of her past into a future of hope, all because she made that ‘last chance’ call to Catholic Charities of Idaho.

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