As the social service arm of the Catholic Church, Catholic Charities of Idaho engages individuals, families and communities to create hope, alleviate poverty and build resilience. In honor of Christmas this year, we are excited to share with you one special story of a woman who found peace and stability at Catholic Charities.

Christine’s Story


     Christine* endured severe verbal and emotional abuse throughout her childhood. Her desire to please others compounded this abuse and left her isolated and depressed. Christine was referred to Catholic Charities of Idaho’s Counseling Program for high-quality, low-cost mental health care and a way out of her pain and difficulties.

     Today, Catholic Charities is helping Christine find a better way to live. She has discovered a path of encouragement and growth that was not there before. She feels supported and safe around people. Most importantly, she is finding an inner peace that is healing the wounds of her past. “I always look forward to coming here,” Christine shares, referring to CCI’s Treasure Valley Center where she attends counseling sessions. Catholic Charities has “helped set me free.”

*Name and likeness changed to protect privacy.

Just for a moment, close your eyes and think about what peace and security means. What does that look like for you and your family? Safety? Good health? Happiness in your life and relationships? Advent reminds us of our desire to feel safe and free from fear, the promise born in the stable in Bethlehem. In our search for this peace, we also discover blessings we have received and our responsibility to each other.

I ask you to make a gift to Catholic Charities of Idaho so that more like Christine can find their path to wholeness and freedom. You can be a bringer of peace this holiday season.



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