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The Catholic Charities of Idaho (CCI) Mother’s Day appeal letter featured a special family that worked together with CCI to build a secure, safe future. We invite you to learn more about Arla Madinda’s journey


Arla’s story of hope for a brighter future.


Arla Madinda* came to the United States in 2012 after spending years in a refugee camp in western Africa. Arla is the mother of five children, and her story reminds us that few things match the power of a mother’s love and determination. Devotion to her children brought Arla to Catholic Charities of Idaho, first in 2014 for housing assistance and then again in 2016, when she enrolled in our Active Parenting classes to learn how to better educate and nurture her children in a country still foreign but filled with promise.  (*not her real name)


What would you do to ensure the protection, support, and flourishing of your children?  Search for safe and stable housing?  Seek out the best schools?  Find the highest quality health care you could afford?  Do whatever you could to earn income?   Build and strengthen your parenting skills?


These are the very needs that Arla brought to Catholic Charities when she arrived at our doors, and, thanks to you, we were ready.  Your compassion helped Arla stand on her own two feet.  Thanks to you, Arla is now a home owner, is a strong and resilient parent who operates a licensed day care business, and is free of government support.  Thanks to you, and the Catholic Charities of Idaho matched savings account program, Arla is helping her eldest children save for college educations that can provide a stepping stone to future stability and the capacity to contribute gifts that make us all better.

Because of your generous support, Arla and her family is now living lives full of dignity. Still, the needs of many in our community are great and resources limited. Your prayerful support and financial assistance are an essential part of the Church’s ministry of love and service. Through our annual Mother’s Day appeal, please join our mission.   Learn more about the appeal.