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Learn about Marilu’s story and the work of Catholic Charities:



Being a single mother is not an easy job.  In today’s world, it means more than just raising children alone.  Often it means overcoming abuse, abandonment and financial hardship.   Marilu was a single mother like that.  Fleeing an abusive husband, Marilu and her children Karen and Evelyn were left homeless, with no material possessions, not even a blanket to ward off the cold Idaho winter.  She struggled, found temporary shelter and eventually worked three part-time jobs to make ends meet – but still she felt uncertain and fearful.  How could this loving mother, so committed to her children, find a path forward?  That’s when Catholic Charities was there to offer Marilu, in her words,  “the best help I’ve had.”  Together we made a difference in bringing safety, stable employment, and a decent and prosperous future to Marilu and her beautiful family.

It is when things look most bleak and uncertain that Catholic Charities of Idaho steps in to help thousands of our neighbors.  Because, when you break it down – the programs, the people, the services of our agency – what we really represent is opportunity – that fresh start – and the hope that comes with it.

And nothing – absolutely nothing – is more important than hope.

Will you be a beacon of hope by making a gift to Catholic Charities?  A gift can help heal a breaking marriage, offer support to a teenager struggling with depression, make educational opportunities and a brighter, more confident future possible, and ensure that someone who really cares and listens is there.  No matter how large or small your contribution, your gift will make a difference.  YOU can be family, friend, and support to neighbors like Marilu and many others like her.

Thank you for your support and blessings to you and your loved ones this spring and on Mother’s Day!