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Catholic Charities of Idaho knows the difficult journey that many of our neighbors face, especially at this time of year.  Economically distressed parents agonize over the thought of not being able to provide gifts for their children; families struggle to make ends meet when winter heating bills overcome their monthly income; those who have experienced grief, loss or personal trauma find that holiday celebrations only deepen feelings of anger, sadness, and loneliness.

Yet their journey can be transformed from a path of uncertainty to one of hope when YOU walk with them this Christmas.



The spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me; he has sent me to bring glad tidings to the poor, to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to captives and release to the prisoners. (Isaiah 61:1)

As the winters months arrive, we see an influx of families who come to our door in need of help, like Alyssa. Read Alyssa’s story and learn how Catholic Charities and YOU can make a difference to Idahoans in need!


We make it easy for you to donate with four secure giving options:

  1. Donate securely online with a credit card
  2. Set up a recurring donation and give to CCI year-round
  3. Call (208) 350-7482
  4. Mail a donation (payable to Catholic Charities of Idaho) to P.O Box 190123, Boise, ID 83719

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Bishop Peter Christensen and Catholic Charities of Idaho invite you to strengthen Idaho families in need. Your sponsorship provides critically needed social services to low-income families in Idaho. Join us as we work to alleviate, reduce, and end poverty for those we serve.




Share the Journey

Gala Event


March 3rd

Two thousand Eighteen

6PM    Cocktail Reception/Silent Auction

7PM     Dinner/Live Auction

8PM     Dancing and Entertainment

Black Tie Optional

The Boise Centre

850 W Front St

Boise, Idaho

$175 per person or $1,750 for table of ten



Bishop Peter F. Christensen

Master of Ceremony:

Michael Kennedy, Board Chair


Become an Event Sponsor:


Catholic Charities of Idaho shares the journey with over 3,000 Idahoans each year, helping those in need forge pathways to success and personal fulfillment, a journey that is only made possible because of YOU and the care and concern that flows from your heart. Your concern makes counseling services for a troubled teenager, educational services for new parents, assistance for immigrant and refugee newcomers, and economic stability support for financially distressed families possible. Help us continue our mission of lifting up  the most vulnerable and celebrating our common humanity.

“Share the Journey” with those most in need.


TITLE SPONSOR…………………………………………………………………………….$10,000

  • Full page ad in Gala program
  • Logo/Name on invitations, social media, and digital marketing (deadlines permitting)
  • Logo/Name on event and table signage
  • 10 Boise Centre parking passes for  your guests
  • Premium wine
  • Two tables (20 seats) with premier seating at the gala


  • Half page ad in Gala program
  • Logo/Name on invitations, social media, and digital marketing (deadlines permitting)
  • Logo/Name on event and table signage
  • 5 Boise Centre parking passes for  your guests
  • Two tables (20 seats) with premier seating at the gala


  • Ad in Gala program
  • Logo/Name on invitations, social media, and digital marketing (deadlines permitting)
  • Logo/Name on event and table signage
  • Two tables (20 seats) with premier seating at the gala


  • Printed recognition in Gala program
  • Logo/Name on event and table signage
  • One table (10 seats)

TABLE SPONSOR…………………………………………………………………………………$1,750

  • Printed recognition in Gala program
  • Logo/Name on event and table signage
  • One table (10 seats)


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Bishop Michael Patrick Driscoll was born Aug. 8, 1939, in Long Beach, Calif. He attended Our Lady Queen of Angels Seminary in San Fernando and St. John Seminary College in Camarillo. He was ordained to the priesthood on May 1, 1965.  He served in several pastoral assignments in the Los Angeles Archdiocese, until 1975, when he was appointed associate director for Catholic Charities in Orange County.  That same year he earned a master’s degree in social work from the University of Southern California.

The following year, when the Diocese of Orange was created, Father Driscoll was asked by Bishop William R Johnson to be his chancellor and to help organize the new diocese. He was also named Vicar of Charities, carrying his legacy of service in the Catholic Charities network.

In 1999 Bishop Driscoll was appointed by Pope John Paul II as the seventh bishop of the Diocese of Boise.

In 2002 Bishop Driscoll was named episcopal liaison for Catholic Charities USA by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, a position he held until 2013.  He also served on the board of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC).

One of his first priorities upon becoming Bishop of Boise was the founding of a Catholic Charities agency to serve the entire state of Idaho.  In 2000 Bishop Mike hired Marie Hoff as the agency’s first executive director.  In that first year of service CCI served 101 clients.  By 2005, services expanded to include citizenship and immigration, family support, youth development, and mental health counseling. By the late 2000’s CCI assisted over 2,000 individuals annually and deployed hundreds of volunteers to assist needy families.  Today Catholic Charities serves over 3,200 individuals annually and operates offices in Boise and Idaho Falls, offers statewide immigration and information and referral services, and provides adult education and mental health services in the Treasure Valley and Bonneville and Bingham Counties.

Bishop Driscoll passed away on October 24, 2017. The family requests that memorials in honor of Bishop Driscoll be given to Catholic Charities of Idaho.

Catholic Charities of Idaho honors and celebrates the legacy of Bishop Michael Driscoll, a true friend and servant of the poor and those in need!

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine on him.

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The Magazine of Catholic Charities USA | Fall 2017 Volume 44 Number 4

Catholic Charities in Rural America

Page 11

By Douglas Alles, Executive Director, Catholic Charities of Idaho

At the close of Vatican II, Pope Paul VI held up the parable of the Good Samaritan as the model of Catholic spiritual and active life. Inspired by this ideal, Catholic Charities of Idaho (CCI) strives to be the “Good Samaritan” to those most in need here in the Gem State. This work of renewal has energized our commitment to poor and marginalized families and helped us better understand and realize our mission as the caring and skilled social service arm of the Diocese of Boise.

READ MORE: CharitiesUSA Fall CCI Article Only 2017

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  “Prayer without action is no prayer at all.”
St. Teresa of Calcutta, Patron Saint of Catholic Charities/Caritas Internationalis



In September 2017, Pope Francis is asking Christians from all over the world to “Share the Journey” by walking in solidarity with the poor, the hungry, those exploited, migrants and refugees, and all who struggle.  Will YOU help us create a culture of encounter and welcome here in Idaho?  Your gift offers support and hope to our neediest  brothers and sisters.

Please donate to Catholic Charities of Idaho today. We make it easy for you to donate with three secure giving options:

  1. Donate securely online with a credit card,
  2. Call (208) 350-7481,
  3. Or mail a donation (payable to Catholic Charities of Idaho) to P.O. Box 190123, Boise, ID 83719.

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Your generous support funds CCI programs that strengthen families, alleviate poverty, and instill hope for a brighter future for those we serve!



Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to assist families in need. Join our efforts to make Idaho a better place for all by making a gift to Catholic Charities in honor or memory of a special woman in your life. In your name, we will mail a Mother’s Day card to your loved one!

What would you do to ensure the protection, support, and flourishing of your children? In Idaho, too many parents struggle to care for their children in the face of adversity. At Catholic Charities of Idaho, we offer a range of services that support, educate, and empower families to discover pathways to a brighter future, filled with hope.

Read Arla’s Story

This Mother’s Day, CCI invites you to support struggling families know they are not alone. Give a gift in honor or memory of a special woman in your life. We make it easy for you to donate with three secure giving options:

  1. Donate securely online with a credit card,
  2. Call (208) 350-7482,
  3. Or mail a donation (payable to Catholic Charities of Idaho) to P.O. Box 190123, Boise, ID 83719.



Website Pope Gold

“Don’t we all want a better,
more decent and prosperous life to
share with our loved ones?”
– Pope Francis

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The Catholic Charities of Idaho (CCI) Mother’s Day appeal letter featured a special family that worked together with CCI to build a secure, safe future. We invite you to learn more about Arla Madinda’s journey


Arla’s story of hope for a brighter future.


Arla Madinda* came to the United States in 2012 after spending years in a refugee camp in western Africa. Arla is the mother of five children, and her story reminds us that few things match the power of a mother’s love and determination. Devotion to her children brought Arla to Catholic Charities of Idaho, first in 2014 for housing assistance and then again in 2016, when she enrolled in our Active Parenting classes to learn how to better educate and nurture her children in a country still foreign but filled with promise.  (*not her real name)


What would you do to ensure the protection, support, and flourishing of your children?  Search for safe and stable housing?  Seek out the best schools?  Find the highest quality health care you could afford?  Do whatever you could to earn income?   Build and strengthen your parenting skills?


These are the very needs that Arla brought to Catholic Charities when she arrived at our doors, and, thanks to you, we were ready.  Your compassion helped Arla stand on her own two feet.  Thanks to you, Arla is now a home owner, is a strong and resilient parent who operates a licensed day care business, and is free of government support.  Thanks to you, and the Catholic Charities of Idaho matched savings account program, Arla is helping her eldest children save for college educations that can provide a stepping stone to future stability and the capacity to contribute gifts that make us all better.

Because of your generous support, Arla and her family is now living lives full of dignity. Still, the needs of many in our community are great and resources limited. Your prayerful support and financial assistance are an essential part of the Church’s ministry of love and service. Through our annual Mother’s Day appeal, please join our mission.   Learn more about the appeal.


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The divisions that trouble our country are hardly new, and certainly are not without parallel in recent US history. One of my most vivid school memories is of my fourth grade class, on Election Day in 1968, evenly divided between Hubert Humphrey and Richard Nixon (we took a class vote!). The next morning we learned that Mr. Nixon had actually won the election, but listened as a sober television reporter wondered how a country so divided by war and racial conflict could heal.

I don’t know if America is as divided today as it was in 1968. Social media accelerates and amplifies opinion and passion in a manner unimaginable 50 years ago. Yet, by any measure, we are a separated and encamped people. Dialogue is strained and social relations frayed. Have you felt the tension? And how did it get this bad?

St. Maximus the Confessor, the great Church Father, tells us that “love perfects human nature until it makes it appear like the very nature of God.” Literall y, love makes it possible for us to participate in divinity. St. Maximus also suggests that love of one’s neighbor is the sign of having acquired this divine character.

Everyone today seems to offer sense making explanations for our divided America. If, as St. Maximus asserts, love perfects human nature, and love of neighbor is the sign of God’s life in this world, if “believing is seeing”, what sense should Christians make of our polarized homeland and how should we respond?

Pope Francis may have something to offer as we search for answers. Consider how he shapes his pastoral ministry by going to the edges of conflict and difficulty with a compelling Christian message of hope. By working at the external boundaries of the world and the Church, where people truly struggle and languish, I believe that Pope Francis is asking us to reframe our thinking about our own forces of polarization. Who gains from the changes that partisan groups advocate for, and who is lef t behind? And does anything really improve for those who have little voice in our debates and arguments?

Love of neighbor marks us as Christians. In the margins of Pope Francis, we learn that this love demands something beyond just a platform or ideology. Love requires that we stretch hearts and minds, yes, but our own first – that we hold as we can our views, but with slightly less volume so others can also speak and that we can listen. Love requires that we work toward a lifestyle based on vulnerability, mutuality, and service, so that we might be of use to God and the healing of others. Those who advocate for the needs of immigrants and refugees should not be adversaries of those concerned about the plight of blue collar workers displaced by globalization; the burdens of racism are real and a blight on our country, as is the disgrace of legal abortion and euthanasia – both a rejection of human dignity and justice and ultimately reflect an absence of love. The neighbor we see in the person oppressed by discrimination is no different than the neighbor lost in a terminated pregnancy.

In the end, mercy is the most import gift, Pope Francis tells us, that Christians can offer to our county in this hour of need. The changes that conflicting groups advocate for, while possibly true and important, are alone inadequate to calm the waters of agitation, division and conflict. Life in God is not achieved by intellectual debate, political confrontation, or competing economic theories, but is accomplished by the cooperation of the Holy Spirit and our freedom, made possible by repentance and love of neighbor. The late Cardinal Francis George was fond of saying “you can’t evangelize someone you don’t love.” He was reminding us of the insights of St. Maximus, and the solution to our life as a divided people.

–Idaho Catholic Register, March 3-16, 2017

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Unveiling a new plan to alleviate, reduce, and end poverty for those it serves, Catholic Charities of Idaho raised over $97,000 to benefit local programs on February 4th at its annual Loaves & Fishes Gala at the Grove Hotel in Boise.

The evening celebration included dinner, dancing and a live auction at the Mardi Gras-themed event. Auction items included sailing with Bishop Peter on a “Journey to Hope, ID”, and a custom reproduction of an icon hand painted by the Bishop. Event proceeds will benefit human service programs operated by the agency. Catholic Charities serves over 3,000 people annually through a variety of services, including mental health counseling, immigration legal services, skill building and educational services, youth mentoring, asset building, and information, referral and advocacy services.

Bishop Peter Christensen opened the festivities with prayer and a welcome that emphasized the important work of Catholic Charities. Douglas All es, CCI Executive Director, highlighted new, innovative services designed to promote economic mobility and long term prosperity for agency clients. Attendees also heard the story of a CCI client who purchased a home through the agency’s matched savings account program.

The gala’s honorary chairs this year were Terry & Kathi Bellew. Catherine Dorling was recognized for her years of volunteer service to the agency. Mike Kennedy, CCI Board Chair, served as master of ceremonies. Event sponsors included Saint Alphonsus Health System, Angels Among Us, Guho Corp, the Diocese of Boise, Tomlinson & Associates, Boise Housing Corporation, Bishop Kelly High School, Capitol Law Group, Cloverdale Funeral Home, St. Luke’s Health System, Lesley Bahner & John Fiedler, and the Idaho Central Credit Union.

Among those attending as table sponsors were AJ and Susie Balukoff, Dennis and Suzanne Carter, Don and Irene Eaton, Our Lady of the Valley parish, and Msgr. Andy Schumacher.

This year’s gala planning committee included Scott Curtis, John Fiedler, Chris Carlson, Mike Kennedy, and Msgr. Schumacher. Following the program and auction, guests danced to music from the Sally Tibbs & Kevin Kirk Jazz Ensemble.

Catholic Charities is the social service arm of the Diocese of Boise and a member of Catholic Charities USA, the largest private network of social service agencies in the United States.

–Idaho Catholic Register, March 3-16, 2017

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In light of recent and expected federal executive orders, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise affirms our commitment to accompanying and supporting the vulnerable in our society, including immigrants and refugees.

I believe that comprehensive immigration reform is the best and most appropriate solution for addressing immigration issues.

Accordingly, I urge our elected officials to seek solutions that will not only help with national security, but also facilitate family unification. My heart and prayers also go out to refugee families and to those seeking political asylum that have faced terrible violence, lost their homes and now need a new place to live.

It is my hope that our federal government focus its efforts on comprehensive immigration reform and humane refugee resettlement that will benefit not only these families, but also our entire country.