Our Vision: Catholic Charities of Idaho commits to alleviate, reduce, and end poverty for those we serve.

Our Approach:

  1. We aim high and achieve real impact for those we serve.
  2. We offer services that respect and support our clients as resourceful, resilient, and capable of forging pathways to success and personal fulfillment. Hope is our foundational service principle.
  3. We give our professional staff the time, assistance, and resources they need to work effectively.
  4. We engage in partnerships and alliances that knit together the good work of key providers and supporters to achieve deep collaboration and better service for those we assist.
  5. We ask for more engagement and contribution from stakeholders who share our commitment to reducing and ending poverty, including our Board and staff, our donors and volunteers, our community partners, and our clients.
  6. We are a learning organization that puts our work to the test. We continually assess and evaluate how our services help clients achieve clearly defined self-sufficiency benchmarks.