Catholic Charities of Idaho’s values define the core of our agency and inspire the work that we do for and with those most in need.

At the root of Catholic social teaching and our mission is the sanctity and dignity of human life.  The value of the human person transcends class, culture, income, intelligence, physical ability or appearance, economic productivity, social status, health condition or any other physical or external social measurement.  Life is sacred from conception to natural death.

Our faith traditional calls us to a preferential love for those who are impacted by poverty and marginalization. Catholic Charities upholds the common good in all of our work.  In our services, we not only work to assist people with their immediate needs, but to find long term solutions that will allow them to live a just and empowered way of life.

The foundation of all human society is rooted in the family.  At Catholic Charities we uphold the importance and dignity of the family and recognize it as a source of love, life and stability that helps its members, especially children, grow to their fullest potential.


Our Service Principles

Human Dignity

Catholic Charities affirms that each person is made in the image of God and has inherent dignity. Each person must be respected from conception to natural death. Each person is endowed with rights and duties. We affirm that each person served and engaged with our work will be held in great esteem and with great respect.

Common Good

Catholic Charities affirms that there is a universal destination of all created things, that all persons have the right o access all that they need in order to reach their fulfillment and that all persons have the concurrent obligation to work for the rights of others as well.


Catholic Charities affirms that decisions should be made at the lowest possible level, should involve those who are capable of participation in decision-making and who will be impacted by those decisions, and should empower those who are most in need. Concurrently, we commit to creating and renewing structures and institutions that provide assistance and aid, as required, appropriate and necessary. CCI, as a member of the civic society, affirms that we should actively participate in the public discourse at both the national and local community level, seeking justice for all, but especially for those who have no voice of their own. We affirm that we should both advocate and serve, advocating both for individuals and for just social structures.

Solidarity with the Poor

Catholic Charities affirms that the most poor and vulnerable persons and families have a special claim to our services and programs. We affirm that our staff and boards should engage those served to have representative voice in decisions influencing policies and programs. Accordingly, we affirm the need to create structures and processes for obtaining appropriate input from stakeholders. We commit ourselves to continue to be a voice with poor and vulnerable individuals and families in the public discourse.


Our Fundamental Values


Catholic Charities affirms that transparency and accountability will always be pursued in our communication and work. We affirm the truth of the intrinsic dignity and worth of the human person as a social being and will witness to our Catholic identity in fulfilling our roles in Church and society.


Catholic Charities affirms that we will always assist our clients, staff and volunteers to live in socially responsible freedom, to exercise their authentic autonomy in light of objective truth and to actualize their inherent potential as beings created in the image and likeness of God. We will respect and affirm the autonomy of each organization/entity with whom we are in relationship.


Catholic Charities affirms that it is a matter of justice that all clients have the right ot self-actualization and to reach their potential as beings created in the image and likeness of God. We affirm that we will work to achieve greater justice in our communities through our social policy advocacy efforts – locally, nationally and internationally. We affirm that all contracts and agreements and all relationships with stakeholders will be based on norms of justice. We affirm that we will work to expand and maintain diversity and excellence in our membership, board, leadership positions and staff. We affirm that we will continue to work to help eradicate racism and prejudice within our own organizations and in society at large.


Catholic Charities affirms that love – caritas – will be the chief identifying characteristic and element of our work and life.